Have you checked out All Saints recently?

Have you checked out All Saints recently?

All Saints is a brand I adore. I’ve introduced many clients to it and they too have become great fans. All Saints gives a cool, quirky edge to the simplest of clothing. The quality of their coats and knitwear is fabulous and their styles often have a clever twist – whether it’s a simple crew neck jumper or a casual jacket. This is what makes it a brand that remains individual whatever the season. They are probably best known for their premium leather jackets so, in my view, it was only a matter of time before they saw sense and produced handbags of the same quality leather. I’m so delighted they did.

Having seen the collection in the fashion press and on their website I headed into London to see if it felt as good as it looked (you’re most welcome)! I can tell you in ‘real life’ they look even better – Why?

  • from tote to clutch to bucket bag – they feel soft and luxurious;
  • the various colour options are all muted shades making them incredibly versatile; and
  • the cool and contemporary attitude of the brand shines through.

The only downside - you’ll find it impossible to choose your favourite.

I’ve narrowed mine down to four and will definitely be putting one on the Christmas List. Here’s hoping my husband is reading this!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.