Fresh starts and new beginnings…

Fresh starts and new beginnings…

September is my favourite month of the year. For me, and hopefully many of you, it signifies new beginnings, fresh starts and adopting new habits. Somehow, they seem easier to keep than those we attempt in January.

To give myself the best possible chance of being organised and feeling good during the autumnal months ahead, here are 5 things I do which help me – and may hopefully help you too.

Block Book Appointments for the rest of the year

I spend an hour going through my diary to book appointments for dentist/hygienist; hairdresser/colourist; and regular beauty treatments (waxing, eyebrows, facials etc). I know the best time to do this is immediately after your previous appointment but if you’re anything like me, I’m often in a rush and don’t have my diary with me (nope - never use the one on my phone!).

Take some time to find your Autumn/Winter Look

How would you love to look this season? Sit down with a few magazines (and a glass of wine) and get a sense of looks/colours you are drawn to, or a style you would like to emulate. What’s missing in your wardrobe to create the look? Do some old-fashioned window shopping for those key pieces you may need (ie. new handbag, coat and boots etc). Take your time: look, feel and try rather than rushing for the latest on-line trend. Enjoy the experience of treating yourself to something you truly love and something that will last. If all of this feels too difficult and you need some help – you know where I am. It would be a joy to help you.

Decide to prioritise your health and take care of yourself

Rather than forcing yourself to begin a new fitness regime or detox, try upping your vitamins and see the difference it makes to your energy and your body. Head to the Boots Wellness advice website for tips on everything you need to know or, better still, visit the pharmacy and talk to the experts. Find the right vitamins for you – it just makes sense and is a great way to begin the Autumn season.

Buy a new Notepad

It’s a simple one BUT - who doesn’t love new stationery? The joy of a brand new notepad and carrying it in your (hopefully) brand new handbag! Now that really is “back to school”. Splash out on one you love (a bright red moleskine in my case). Other options are available…but why would you? I guarantee it will make you more efficient!

Treat yourself to a new ‘school’ shirt…OR your equivalent! 

As many of you know, it’s still my dream to design a perfect oversized shirt as part of my clothing line. Rest assured, it will happen, and you will be the first to know and celebrate with me when it does. Until then, I continue to treat myself to a new shirt in early September. It’s my thing – it marks my new start and I know it will remain a wardrobe staple for me. What’s your equivalent - Is it a t-shirt, jumper, scarf? If you’re undecided, allow me to inspire you with my favourite, stylish finds of the New Season in next week’s Style Post. If you have friends who would love to receive it – they can sign up here. It would be a pleasure to have them.

Until then, enjoy your fresh new start – your way. Trust me, you deserve it.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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