Fresh Starts and New Beginnings…

Fresh Starts and New Beginnings…

September is my favourite month of the year. For me, and hopefully many of you, it signifies new beginnings, fresh starts and adopting new habits. Somehow, they seem easier to keep than those we attempt in January. To give myself the best possible chance of being organised and feeling good during the autumnal months here are a few things I do, together with some opportunities for you to help you feel and look your best. Enjoy!

Block book appointments for the rest of the year

I spend an hour going through my diary to book appointments for dentist/hygienist; hairdresser/colourist; and regular beauty treatments (waxing, eyebrows, facials etc). I know the best time to do this is immediately after your previous appointment but if you’re anything like me, I’m often in a rush and don’t have my diary with me (nope - never use the one on my phone!). And if you feel you can’t commit months in advance, book anyway and they can always be rescheduled nearer the time.

Take time to create an autumn style you love

I am refraining from discussing autumn/winter trends until next week (not just because it’s 32 degrees outside)! I have a VIP invitation I cannot wait to share with you. It is the first Maggie Loves event of the season (heads up it’s the evening of 12th October). My aim is to inspire you to make this season your most stylish yet: new colours; accessories; pieces to invest in; and pieces that are less expensive yet elevate those investment buys. Save the date now and look out for the invitation next week.

Decide to prioritise your health and take care of yourself

I consider myself very fortunate that my good friend, Jem Scragg, also happens to be an incredible health and fitness coach. He has kept me on track not just in terms of fitness but also nutrition and overall vitality. For the next 4 weeks Jem is offering Style Post readers a complimentary 30-minute health & performance coaching call. If you are feeling stuck, demotivated, or simply lack understanding on how to eat healthily, reduce weight and still maintain a social life, Jem is your man. Simply click here leaving your name and number (and don’t forget to mention the Style Post in the title). This is the perfect way to kick-start the new season.

Buy a new notepad!

It’s a simple one BUT - who doesn’t love new stationery? The joy of a brand new notepad and carrying it in your (hopefully) brand new handbag! Now that really is “back to school”. Splash out on one you love (a bright red moleskine in my case). Other options are available…but why would you?

Treat yourself to a new ‘school’ shirt…OR your equivalent!

Whilst I continue to perfect the ‘MKS white shirt’ (here’s a sneak peak of my current sample) – I cannot wait to share it with you. I love to treat myself to a new shirt in September. It’s my thing – it marks my new start and I know it will remain a wardrobe staple. What’s your equivalent – shoes, or a handbag perhaps? 

If you’re undecided, WAIT for next week’s New Season Style Post. And if you have friends who would love to receive it – they can sign up here. It would be a pleasure to welcome them into the Maggie Killick Style gang.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.