Flawless, youthful, glamorous – A brand that can give you all 3

Flawless, youthful, glamorous – A brand that can give you all 3

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a fabulous client for a make-up session (as part of my finishing touches service). I may not be a make-up artist but as a stylist I've worked with some of the best who have been incredibly generous in sharing their expertise with me.

With a beauty industry saturated with products that promise the world, it can be quite baffling knowing which brand of make-up to choose. Despite being smart and confident we’ve all experienced (or is it just me?) the intimidating ‘make-up counter visit’ that left us feeling a tad self-conscious. The result: an array of costly products (generally beige!) that we have no desire to use. Well, not any more…

Nars is my all-time favourite brand. Its Founder and Director, Francois Nars, has a great “no rules” philosophy of beauty and believes every product should give you endless possibilities. The Nars team of make-up artists possess all the qualities you need: super talented, knowledgeable, friendly (without being pushy), and, quite frankly, miracle workers.

My client has always longed to look flawless, youthful and glamorous (haven’t we all?): 45 minutes with a Nars make-up artist - job done. We couldn’t stop smiling. We feel it our duty to share the following products we loved with you - they will (almost certainly) change your life!

A fantastic primer (that gives a radiant glow) and a tinted moisturiser (lighter than foundation yet excellent coverage) - ideal for summer.

A brow gel (who knew the benefits of grooming your eyebrows with this genius product?) It gives such definition and really opens up the eyes.

A fabulous satin lipstick – Nars have such a sophisticated range of colours you’ll be spoilt for choice.

A volumising mascara that does exactly that – transforming!

If you are local to Kingston Nars (in the Bentall Store) let Faye and Cassie know I sent you. They are incredibly talented make-up artists –you’ll be well looked after – I promise. If you would like to invest in the ‘finishing touches package’  do get in touch to discuss your needs. It would be a pleasure to help you .

Ps. Many of you wanted to buy the shoes featured in last week’s post but had no idea where they were from! It dawned on me, you are not telepathic. Here is a much more useful re-post for you – enjoy shoe shopping!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post