Feeling Inspired by Chanel…

Feeling Inspired by Chanel…

It can be difficult for us to feel inspired by our wardrobes in January. It’s cold, wet, dark and there are only so many oversized jumpers you can by! This week-end, however, I was invited to the V&A to see the Chanel Exhibition. I cannot tell you the sheer joy and inspiration I felt seeing such timeless, effortless pieces, displayed so beautifully. If you haven’t seen it – YOU MUST!

The exhibition got me thinking about, not only Chanel’s timeless clothing, but also her signature style when accessorising. When she wore strings of pearls, chains, chokers, earrings or bracelets, she did so with a free hand, combining real and fake materials, mixing the finest stones with imitation gems. I love this idea and the impact of wearing jewellery in abundance particularly with a paired back outfit.

With this in mind, why not check out your jewellery – try adding more, mixing and matching, creating individual looks and teaming (yes “teaming”) them with your simplest outfit. It’s one of the easiest ways to add interest and individuality to your style.

Mixing together metallic and resin bangles

Mixing a chunky charm bracelet or necklace with fine chains

Mixing a dramatic cocktail ring or earrings with casual clothing

Mixing different strands, colours and lengths of pearls.  

So cool and yet so easy to create your own versions from independent sellers on Etsy or from vintage markets.

My favourite way to wear the jewellery I’ve highlighted is with a simple t-shirt, crew neck or a fabulous trouser suit. Enjoy finding your own way. I hope you love it.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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