Feel and Look Great in Your Body – NOW

Feel and Look Great in Your Body – NOW

Working as a Stylist gives me the opportunity to mix with great people in the world of fashion, beauty, fitness and health.I consider it a real privilege and feel compelled to spread the word so you too can benefit from their knowledge and expertise.So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Kate Horwood.

I could spend the entire Style Post telling you what makes Kate so impressive (check out her website here) .In brief, Kate is a wellness coach who is passionate about you becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself (inside and out). She is not about fad diets, miserable unrealistic goals (who needs them?).She believes nutritional and emotional balance is the answer to a healthy, fulfilling life. Her strength lies in getting you there by offering clear, common sense advice to bring about permanent changes.

When I sat down to chat with Kate we discussed (at length!) the relationship between negative body image and clothing. When you don’t like what you see in the mirror, how you feel in clothes or how you look in photographs, it’s very hard to be positive. The answer for many is to hide their bodies in old, dark, baggy clothing or to hold off buying new clothes until they reach an ‘ideal’ weight and dress-size. Well I’m on a mission, along with Kate, to stop this negative thinking that overshadows our personal and professional lives.

Here, Kate shares her sound advice on how you can feel better in the ‘now’ whilst moving towards the results you desire. Enjoy!

1. Your body is amazing. Full stop. Regardless of its shape and size.

It is, quite simply, an awe-inspiring biological masterpiece. Consider for a moment: your heart beats 60-100 times a minute and pumps 8-9 tonnes of blood (per day) throughout your body – pretty amazing isn’t it? With this in mind, I want to suggest a powerful exercise - to list down 10 reasons why you love your body for what it does for you. Forget weight or shape for a moment and focus on the organs, senses and bodily functions that you’re grateful for. This opens you up to show your body the love and respect it deserves.

2. What you focus on you attract.

Now at first this may sound a little too woo-woo and pseudoscientific for you, but quantum-scientists have enough evidence to fully support this as fact rather than theory.If you focus on lack, weight, restriction and unattractiveness – you will get more of the same. Therefore, you must start taking pride in your appearance - wearing clothes that make you feel good to create the results you desire. I’m a firm believer that when you don’t focus on weight, you lose weight - because what you focus on expands. So, the key here is to turn your attention to what you want and to start acting as if it’s already yours. There is also neuroscience and epigenetics that comes into play here in the sense that your brain believes what you tell it and so your body responds.

3. Stop and smell the flowers.

My last piece of advice is the one I’m most passionate about: we only have a limited time here – don’t waste it.When you dislike your body, it can hang over you like a grey cloud. Food and your body are continually at the forefront of your mind and it only takes one small thing, like an extra pound on the scales, or a little over-indulgence, to affect your whole day.

When I work with clients who are unhappy with their weight, as well as looking at their nutritional habits, I work on their mindset and find ways for them to take pride in their appearance whilst on their wellbeing journey. This means wearing outfits they love now and doing things that make them feel good in their body now - Going out and buying new clothes, make-up or even having a make-over so we can improve their energy and enthusiasm as soon as possible. As a side note here, if you’re a client of Maggie’s, you’ll already know that finding the right fit, colour, shape and style for you can make the world of a difference!

How you feel about yourself is key to your results, your mood, your day and your whole experience of life. Yes, there are also eating/nutritional factors to work on, however in my experience, both personally and professionally, it is your mindset that really counts.

See - I told you she was fabulous!

If the above resonates with you (or someone you know) , please do get in touch with Kate directly or pass on this Style Post.Kate’s strength lies in helping you achieve nutritional and emotional balance – Amen to that!

You’re very welcome.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.