Embracing new colour combinations

Embracing new colour combinations

Like many women I know I’m a real fan of neutral colours. My wardrobe has its fair share of black, white, navy and grey (sound familiar?). Whilst I love each of these colours for their versatility I believe there’s always room for a splash of colour in your wardrobe. Colour adds interest, changes your mood and can transform the simplest outfit.

Whilst I know you will all have a good idea of what colours suit you, here are 3 simple pieces of advice that will help you when playing with colour combinations.

  • Try sticking to 3 colours per outfit. Black and white are technically shades so you can be more flexible with these. You’ll find if you stick with 3 you’ll achieve a more stylish, effortless look.
  • If wearing colour head-to-toe seems too bold – try mixing textures (eg. silk, wool, leather) in shades of the same colour. This will add real interest and coolness to your look.
  • If the particular colour you love doesn’t suit your skin tone – bring it in with accessories (eg. an oversized clutch-bag, statement shoes or a slim belt) – a simple nod to the colour can make a huge impact to your overall look.

So, if you feel this is the season to embrace some colour, here are 3 of my favourite colour combinations to inspire you. Some are bold, some are more subtle – all are beautiful.

Turquoise/Teal & Mustard

Wearing this colour combination can give a fresh new feel to your black wardrobe staples.

Pink & Red

Whilst they are often seen as ‘clashing colours’ this is a favourite combination of mine. Whether you choose a mix of bold shades or pale pink with a dash of blood red - the look can be incredibly sexy and chic.

Orange & Blue

This is a look that, in my book, needs some confidence but done right, looks amazing. Remember you can always opt for orange and denim if you feel electric blue is ‘over the top’. However, as I say to all my clients - you’ll never know until you try.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.