Downsizing your handbag….you know it makes sense

Downsizing your handbag….you know it makes sense

Those of you who know me well know I’m partial to a large handbag. In fact I find it almost impossible to use anything but a large tote bag. Even when it comes to evening bags I go for an ‘oversized clutch’! People often ask: “What on earth have you got in your bag?”; “why is it so heavy?” and/or “how can you possibly need a bag that big”? Truth is I don’t really know. I seem to carry around the same as everyone else – essentials – well, I consider them essentials: make-up bag; purse; notepad & pen, IPhone; keys and maybe a book. Whatever the reason, this Autumn/Winter things are going to change: I’m making a concerted effort to downsize for many reasons:

I want to feel more organised and stop rummaging around a huge handbag;

I value my back (I constantly get back-ache from carrying far too much);

It’s a new season which in my world warrants a new handbag!

I’m delighted to see there are gorgeous cross-body and hand-held versions hitting the high-street this season. So, if like me, you’re up for a change of style (for whatever reason) – here are some gorgeous options to inspire you.

Oh, and if you are keen to keep up with key fashion trends, look out for the latest handbag shape hitting the catwalk and the high-street - I think it may be taking ‘downsizing’ a step too far for me!

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