Do you really need MORE summer clothes…

Do you really need MORE summer clothes…

I’m not a huge fan of the summer sales. Whilst I love a bargain (who doesn’t?), it’s too easy to get swept up by the discount tags. I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you (and myself!) of what to think about during sale shopping and share the categories I focus on during sale time. I hope it inspires you to be considered in your purchases and helps you resist the panic buying. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the Autumn, when the beautiful new season collections arrive.

So, first the advice:

  • Don’t buy anything you don’t love

Whilst the temptation to grab a bargain may be huge, think hard about whether you would buy the item if it was full price. If not, step away and save your money to spend on a new season piece.

  • Buy items that work with your current wardrobe

If you can’t see yourself wearing the item with at least 3 pieces in your wardrobe, ask yourself how versatile it’ll be. The most stylish women I know constantly re-work their wardrobe.

  • Keep in mind what is missing or needs replacing in your wardrobe

Is your wardrobe in need of a fabulous new pair of jeans, a gorgeous cashmere jumper or a great leather handbag? The key to successful sale shopping is to stay focused and disciplined.

Ok sermon over! Here’s a look at what I’m focussing on in the summer sales: underwear, tailoring, beautiful knitwear, and accessories – they may not be ‘summer pieces’ but they are essentials I will love to wear.

Gorgeous Underwear

Underwear can be expensive, but boy does it make you feel good. During sale times you’ll often find unusal colours discounted. My underwear drawer tends to be nude, black and french navy. It’s in need of a pop of colour which can feel decedent at full-price but with these on sale at Triumph (a favourite brand of mine), it becomes an affordable treat.

Beautiful Tailoring & Knitwear

Summer is the perfect time to invest in tailoring and knitwear. Stay with me! It may be too hot to wear now, but trust me, you’ll thank me in September. Whether it’s a fabulous, oversized blazer, a great trench coat or luxurious knitwear – they are effortless, timeless and will be the backbone of your wardrobe.

Statement Accessories: handbags, jewellery, and shoes

We all know the power of great accessories. The perfect shoes, a beautiful tote bag, stunning jewellery can elevate the simplest outfit. What’s missing for you? Now is a great time to find those pieces to update your autumn/winter wardrobe.

I hope whatever you choose to buy in the sales is a piece you love, that brings you confidence and that you continue to wear for years to come.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.