Clothing to help with confidence, performance and ability…

Clothing to help with confidence, performance and ability…

As a Stylist I often visit organisations to discuss what dressing well can do for confidence, performance and ability – whatever the profession. Obviously I try to practice what I preach: that is, until it comes to my fitness clothing. Meet me heading to bootcamp or for a work-out with my trainer and it’s a whole different story. For some reason I really don’t think about what I wear when exercising – and it shows. Well, until now….

I’ve decided things need to change now that Spring is here. So last week I headed to Gap to replace some of my, seriously well-worn, fitness gear. The reason I went to Gap is not because I gain anything from promoting them, it’s because I truly believe they make some excellent fitness clothing and shopping for it is made very simple. They have categories for whatever workout level you need : high impact (for running, dancing, kickboxing etc); medium (for spin, gym and strength training) and low impact (for pilates and yoga). I also love the way it’s made :

  • with blackout technology (nope never knew I needed it either!) it’s for maximum opaque coverage;
  • with sculpt compression to help with shape and support (now I did know I needed that!); and
  • using naturally cotton fibres for breathability.

So out with old and in with the new - here’s what I chose. I’m hoping my new fitness clothing will give me the kick-start I need to perform better, have more confidence and feel more empowered – because after all, it’s what clothing should give us whatever we’re attempting to do.

Oh – and whilst sharing - here’s what else I bought (over at J Crew) to give me the incentive to keep my regime going for summer!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.