Chic, Cool And Stylish: The Colour That Always Works For Summer

Chic, Cool And Stylish: The Colour That Always Works For Summer

This Style Post was prompted by a number of requests on how to wear black during summer. Music to my ears! Now we all know that black attracts heat so we’re often told to avoid it in summer and embrace colour. However, in my opinion, black can look incredibly chic and stylish. The trick is knowing how to wear it to ensure you look and feel cool and comfortable in the sunshine. Here are 3 quick ways to do it, together with pieces that guarantee you’ll achieve it. Enjoy!

Opt for lightweight materials

Choose lightweight and breezy materials such as linen, cotton, and chiffon. They work a treat in the sunshine and instantly give you that effortless look we all crave.

Show some skin

Resist covering your entire body as this can look too heavy during summer. Think bare legs, or bare legs (it’s all about balance) : a short dress with long sleeves; a sleeveless maxi dress, or shorts with an oversized linen shirt. These combinations look super cool.

Combining neutrals and adding accessories

Team black with neutrals i.e. white, tan or khaki for a chic outfit combination. And remember, if all black isn’t for you, simply add black accessories eg. handbag, shoes, sunglasses – they instantly inject glamour and create a more expensive look.

I hope this Style Post has inspired those of you who question whether or not to wear black in summer. It’s chic, it’s cool – it’s fabulous. Enjoy wearing it, your way.

Maggie Killick

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