Beauty products I’ve made a resolution to stick with…

Beauty products I’ve made a resolution to stick with…

Although I’m a stylist, not a beautician, I am fortunate to meet many experts in the field of skin-care and make-up and am often given new products to trial. The problem with trying a new product is, by the time you’ve read the hype and seen the perfect face of the model advertising it, you can almost convince yourself it’s made a difference from day 1. In reality your skin needs to get used to new products before any visible difference can be seen.

I decided, back in January, to review my skin-care routine and to make a conscious effort to apply correctly, use day and night (no matter how tired I was!) and enjoy the ritual of looking after my skin. And guess what? I’ve persevered and it really has worked. Many clients and friends have commented that I look glowing and healthy – not something I’ve been told very often, particularly in winter months!

Having met a wonderful beautician Lucy Nunnery from Chase Beauty I booked an appointment for a Dermalogica skin analysis. This is a free service and takes about 15 minutes. This allows the therapist to assess your skin tone, texture, dehydration and sensitivity. More importantly it ensures you are only recommended products that relate to your specific needs so no more spending a fortune on products which sit unused on your bathroom shelf.

Thanks to Lucy I have now added 3 key products to my skin-care regime that I’m completely addicted to. I’m not suggesting you rush out and purchase these exact ones but if you are looking to improve your skin-care I’d highly recommend visiting Dermalogica for a free analysis. If you live in the Surrey area, Lucy will certainly take care of you. Alternatively you can find a local Dermalogica thereapist here Dermalogica therapists are renowned for their expertise and for giving you sample products to try at home because they’re confident they’ll deliver exactly the results you need and, in my case, they certainly do.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.