Are you ready to get dressed again?

Are you ready to get dressed again?

Well, it’s been almost a year…how are you feeling about the thought of “real life” shopping again? April 12 is the date. It won’t surprise you to know I cannot wait to browse rails of clothing, to touch fabrics and try on clothing rather than gauge how an item will look based on a woman half my age and double my height! Many of my clients feel the same. They cannot wait to get back out, dress up and enjoy their clothes again. However, some women I know are less excited and more anxious: the need to dress properly for work again (rather than from the waist up!); the need to wear proper shoes; the need to get back into clothes when carrying ‘lockdown weight’: some or all of this fills them with dread. I am making it my mission to help fabulous women like you feel better about getting back out there.

You may not need a wardrobe consultation or shopping day, you may just need some clever style tricks and tips on how to feel better in the clothing you wear. My style consultations are available to you free of charge. They are relaxed, informal and they get results. They take place at Allbright Mayfair or via zoom if you prefer. Either way, I guarantee you’ll feel better. Simply click here and I’ll come back to you to arrange a time that works for us both.

Remember, what you wear impacts your brain and can influence mood, emotion and performance. It’s not just a visual thing. My job is helping you see your potential. Simply click here to book a time to chat through your style issue (big or small). Alternatively, pass this opportunity on to someone you know who would love to have their style issue sorted. It’s far easier to solve that you think!

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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