4 Style Habits to try and What I’m wearing on repeat…

4 Style Habits to try and What I’m wearing on repeat…

I have read many articles lately discussing the ‘Rule of 5’ : committing to buying only 5 items of clothing per year. I’m not sure I could fully commit to this BUT if you are considering it, I strongly advise you to edit your wardrobe first. You‘ll then be able to pinpoint the gaps, making you more focussed when shopping. If you are keen to do this check out my style post to find out why it’s so difficult for us to do this for ourselves.

If the Rule of 5 is not for you, here are some style habits I commit to that are less drastic. Why not try one or two and see the difference they make to your style, your bank balance and the environment.

Wear more of what you own

We’re all guilty of it – wearing only 20% of our wardrobe. It’s so easy to get lazy and wear the same outfits over and over. So, if jeans are your go to - put them aside for a week and force yourself to wear something different. The following week do the same – I guarantee you’ll start to feel more inspired by the clothes you own and the options available to you.

On a Sunday evening choose 3 outfits for the week

The best outfits come together when you’re not feeling stressed and rushed. It’s amazing the difference this will make to your week. Stick with it and it’ll become a great habit. Start with 3 and see how it feels.

When you buy something new – give something away

If you buy a new item of clothing, donate an item you rarely wear to charity. It’s a great way to ensure you truly love what you buy. One of the easiest ways to donate clothing is to use this collection service. This discipline will ensure you stop panic buying, keep your wardrobe manageable and ultimately make someone else happy.

Love your clothes and look after them

Very often we are tempted to buy because we feel our clothing and accessories look tired and scruffy. Why not make an effort to:

  • de-bobble your jumpers;
  • use polish and suede protector and mend shoes and boots when necessary (they’ll look and feel new);
  • spot clean and use this product, it’ll save on your dry cleaning bill.
  • clear out your ‘main’ handbag at the end of the week, get rid of receipts (and all the rubbish we collect!) and give it a polish. You’ll realise how much you love it.

The more you care you take of your clothing, shoes and accessories, the better they’ll look. Like us all really!

What I’m wearing on repeat

I invested in these Dear Frances boots over 3 years ago. They are pricey, but they continue to bring me joy and look as good as new. I wear them with tulle skirts, knitted dresses, jeans, you name it. If they are outside your budget and you are looking for a less expensive alternative, try these beauties from Massimo Dutti.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.