3 Questions to ask before you buy during ‘Black Friday’ Sales

3 Questions to ask before you buy during ‘Black Friday’ Sales

Here we go again - discounts galore, emails flooding in tempting us to grab ourselves a bargain in the Black Friday Sales. There will always be a thrill in receiving discount on something you love but try not to get swept up in the madness of it all Ask yourself these 3 questions before buying:

  • If it was full price, would I still love it and want it?
  • How will I wear it with my existing wardrobe? If you cannot think of at least 3 ways – it’s not worth it;
  • Does it fit well? If it needs altering, factor in the price before rushing to buy it.

We’re all guilty of getting swept away by a discount tag. I totally get it (and sometimes do it) but my advice is to think hard before you buy and be prepared to save for that ‘wish list’ piece that fills you with joy every time you wear it. Here are 3 on my current list, all from brands who have chosen to boycott Black Friday in favour of donating a percentage of sales to charities.

It’s your choice but whatever you buy – make sure you will love it – beyond sale time.

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Maggie Killick

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