​What can an 84 year old teach us all about style?

​What can an 84 year old teach us all about style?

As a regular reader of the Style Post I wanted to apologise for my absence in the past two weeks. Sadly, my father-in-law passed away suddenly and I have been with friends and family attempting to come to terms with our loss. Whilst you will not have known him, my father-in-law was an amazing man – smart and kind with a quick wit and a great sense of style.

He could teach us all a thing or two about true style:

  • There is no age limit to style. Despite being 84 and frail he never let that stand in the way of dressing well.
  • Wear clothes that feel wonderful. He believed you should buy less but spend wisely – wear the best quality clothing you can afford.
  • Never save clothes for a special occasion. Wherever he went, to the local shops, or a hotel for lunch, it didn’t matter, every day warranted a stylish outfit.

With this last lesson in mind and with the help of my personal style icon, Jenna Lyons, here are just a few reminders of how to wear your “special occasion” pieces on a daily basis. Why? Because life’s too short not to.

A beautiful evening skirt with a sheer knit; or a casual khaki/denim shirt – genius.

Simple plimsolls with a tuxedo or silk trouser suit or designer trench coat and handbag – effortless.

Casual frayed jeans or chinos with a statement coat or sequined jacket and fabulous stilettos – stunning.

Here’s to never needing an occasion… and to my much loved father-in-Law who will never be forgotten.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.