​Launching a clothing line – looking back and looking to its future…

​Launching a clothing line – looking back and looking to its future…

3 years ago today, I had the joy of achieving a life-long ambition – launching my very own clothing line: Maggie Killick Made in England. My vision was to create a collection of ‘perfect staples’ for stylish women everywhere. Clearly they needed to be beautiful, contemporary and made from exceptional fabric but more than that they needed to have a quirky twist – a hint of masculine meets feminine (strong but sexy; classic with attitude) and they needed to work hard for my clients. Together with very talented and generous experts, whom I was privileged to call “my team my vision came to life.

The Launch was beyond my wildest dreams. To those of you reading this who shared the incredible night with me – thank you - it wouldn’t have been the same without you; and to those who are new readers of the Style Post – I wish you had been there. The room was filled with amazing support, the clothing was worn by stunning models, champagne was flowing and the enthusiasm and heart-warming responses to the Collection (captured in this video clip) continue to make me beam with pride 3 years on.

When I’m wearing a piece from the Collection and someone stops and asks “who are you wearing” (well maybe not those exact words - no one in the real world asks that question do they?) or better still, when I see someone wearing one of my designs, I can’t help but hug them for looking so fabulous and for having great taste!

I’m delighted to say the Collection continues to be popular. I like to think because it is designed for stylish women who appreciate striking pieces that are beautifully made and timeless. These women, I’m thrilled to say, are my clients: the most generous, supportive and stylish women I know.

So 3 years on…where are we now?

  • I have re-designed the pencil skirt to give it a more exaggerated high-waist (with boning) more comfortable than you might think! I’ve also removed the large pockets for those who prefer a cleaner line. When I’ve worn it I’ve received great compliments including “wow you’ve got a tiny waist”. I should point out here – I do not - that’s the beauty of clothing, it can create illusions. I had it made in a bold pinstripe material but it can be made in whatever colour or pattern you decide.
  • I am now offering a ‘unique’ service whereby I create your very own ‘bespoke piece’. It may be you have seen a dress you love but would prefer it with a different collar or sleeve, or it may be that you would like me to design a piece I think would look amazing on you. Together with the incredibly talented women’s tailor, Dara Ford – it can happen.
  • I am currently working on a new piece which will hopefully launch for Christmas. I love it, I want it in my wardrobe and I’d love to see it in yours - more details to follow.

A final word…to everyone who celebrated with me 3 years ago, to those who own a piece from the Collection, to those who have recommended the Collection and to those of you who continue to support me and the Maggie Killick Style brand – thank you for being so fabulous and keep watching – the best is yet to come.