What a “Maggie Loves” Event taught me….

What a “Maggie Loves” Event taught me….

Last Thursday I had the joy of hosting a “Maggie Loves” event at Amanda Wakeley’s flagship store. The evening was described as “brilliant”, “genius style advice for everyone”, “informative” “inclusive”, “relaxed”, “supportive and super stylish”. I couldn’t agree more! The reason I share all this is because it really wasn’t “all about me”. On the contrary: the clothing, the AW team and the guests made it such a success. Here are 3 things I learned from the evening that have inspired me to create more “Maggie Loves” events. I’ve also included a selection of stunning pieces purchased on the night.I hope they inspire you for your most stylish season yet.

Great women create great energy

Many guests had never met before, yet the support given to each other whilst trying on clothes was wonderful.There were lots of suggestions and honest feedback by everyone, not to mention genuine encouragement “Oh my god you look amazing” being the most popular, which is completely understandable when you check out Amanda Wakeley’s Collection.

Stepping out of your comfort zone brings fabulous results

I gave a brief style talk using a rail of clothing to illustrate the versatility of Amanda’s collection and suggestions on how to combine pieces.Many women initially thought they didn’t have “the figure” to carry off certain pieces.That is, until they tried them.The look of amazement at how the clothing transformed their figures was pure joy to see. A lesson for everyone – never rely on “hanger appeal” – try it on - and prepare to be amazed.

Buy less, buy quality and you’ll never regret it

I think it’s fair to say we all have too much “stuff” particularly when it comes to clothing.There were guests who fell in love with ‘high-end’ pieces but were not in a position to invest in them immediately.My suggestion to them and to you is to start your wish list and save up, rather than buying a poor quality alternative. When you do purchase your piece you will treasure it all the more and wear it endlessly.

Here is a small selection of choices made on the night – you have great taste ladies.

Chic Cashmere

There are so many beautiful cashmere styles and colour combinations to choose from. Go slightly oversized for that cool, effortless look that works with everything from denim, to tulle, to leather. Liz – enjoy your gorgeous jumper – the colour, the fit… stunning on you.

Stylish Silk Tulle

Whether you opt for a skirt or dress – tulle is a beautiful fabric: dressed down with plimsoles or worn as evening wear, it is such a versatile piece for your wardrobe. If the bold papaya colour is too much – try midnight blue - gorgeous – just ask Sarah.

Luxurious Leather

Every woman needs a beautiful leather jacket in their wardrobe: one that will simply improve with age (like us all!).I know it’s on your wish list Laura.Trust me – so worth the investment.

Perfect Pinstripes

There are so many pinstripe options available in Amanda’s Collection: from jackets to culottes to dresses and coats (in black or white).This white dress was described by a guest as “my dress of dreams” and boy did it look incredible on you Kate. The oversized jacket is a favourite of mine: very edgy, very cool, very you Dorinda – delighted you now own it – enjoy!

Striking Silk Wrap

There is a reason this ‘air top’ is a signature piece in Amanda’s collection.It works on all shapes and all sizes and boy is it versatile. Trudy and Christina - it looks gorgeous - call me if you run out of ideas on how to style it!

Beautiful bags & Statement Jewellery

This cool suede bucket bag was an instant hit.Kath, I love that it took you less than 10 seconds to decide you needed it in your life and the grey colour-way was an inspired choice. Enjoy!

Finally – the necklace that makes a stunning statement worn with a simple jumper or evening dress.A great piece Claire - May I borrow it please?

So there you have it – another inspiring Collection from Amanda Wakeley – thank you to everyone who made the evening such a success. Here’s to seeing you all again – very soon.If you visit the Mayfair flagship store let Alex (the Brand Experience Manager) know I sent you.She will ensure you enjoy the experience.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.