The Perfect Christmas Gift…Choose Love

The Perfect Christmas Gift…Choose Love

The Iconic Choose Love T-Shirt £25.00

When it comes to Christmas, I find people fall into two camps: those who are all wrapped, tagged, and bowed by now and those who are, most definitely, not! I aspire to be in the first champ but seldom make it! I love buying gifts for people – it’s my thing. I love browsing the stores, buying the tissue paper and ribbon but when it comes to Christmas it can all feel a tad overwhelming. I’ve spoken to many people recently who feel the same and are completely stumped when it comes to original Christmas gifts. Let’s face it, most people we know are lucky enough to buy themselves what they need or love. I’m suggesting a present you may not have thought of: the iconic Choose Love T-shirt, designed by Katharine Hamnett. It’s super-stylish to wear, a joy to receive and the difference it will make is huge.

100% of profits from the iconic t-shirt (as well as sweatshirts, baby grows, tote bags – see the full range here) goes to support refuges across Europe. The Choose Love shop is also the world’s first to sell real products for refugees and displaced communities. You can choose items related to their journey ie. hot food, clothes, children’s nappies - you can find out more details here. Whatever you choose, the charity will ensure it gets where it needs to be.

I cannot wait to wear my t-shirt (will send photos when I do) and clearly, I’ll be in very stylish company.

Visit the store (3 Carnaby Street, W1) or order online – why wouldn’t you?

Enjoy choosing love today - You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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