The cool, effortless dress that suits us all…

The cool, effortless dress that suits us all…

We all know about my obsession with shirts. On my last count I have 14 white and 8 blue so it’s no surpise that I’m a huge fan of shirt dresses. I love how cool and effortless they look; how versatile they can be; how ageless, timeless and comfortable they feel. There is a shape and style to suit everyone.

If you are new to wearing shirt dresses I always suggest buying an inexpensive one first to see how much you wear it and how it makes you feel, before investing in a more expensive option. With this in mind I have checked out a selection of brands offering stylish shirt dresses – all under £70. You’ll notice I’ve opted for blue, my reasons being:

  • Blue is a beautiful colour to wear with summer accessories in tan, white, red and khahki;
  • You will find a blue that works for you whatever your colouring;
  • Blue has an understated, masculine coolness about it;
  • We live in the real world which makes blue a far better option than white!

Have fun experimenting with a shirt dress you love – whether belted, worn open over jeans, with heels, or stylish flats – wear it your way and enjoy.

Team (yes, I did say “team”!) with your favourite accessories and enjoy feeling fabulous – because, quite frankly, you are.

You’re very welcome

Maggie Killick

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