Style Lessons from the Royal Wedding

Style Lessons from the Royal Wedding

I love a wedding, so, as you can imagine, I was in my element on Saturday. There I was at 9 am, sat between my fabulous girlfriends, champagne in hand, ready to take it all in – and check out the style obviously!

For the record – I loved the wedding dress: understated and elegant – very Meghan Markle. Personally, I would have added something “WOW” either at the waist or at the cuffs but I did appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the design - she looked gorgeous.

Moving onto the guests…

Now I’m not about to pick apart outfits I didn’t like (there are enough magazines out there who have jumped on that!) but what about those who, in my humble opinion, ‘rocked it’! Here are my top 3.

First up…

Gina Torres in a stunning red floral dress by Costarellos

I adore this look – a great way to do floral without it being too ‘ditzy’. It was such a superb colour choice (not a pastel – hoorah!) and a great choice on the accessories, particularly the hat. Sometimes a fascinator just looks too ‘mumsy’ and a wide-brimmed hat would have overshadowed the dress. However, this modern fedora-style gives it a cool edginess.

Moving on to...

Abigail Spencer wearing a beautiful collared dress by Alessandra Rich

This is possibly my favourite of all and here’s why. Polka-dot is a great way to do print with an air of sophistication. Adding a stark white collar and cuffs gives it a dramatic feel. To keep with the vintage 1950’s look she’s chosen a beautiful head-piece of silk and netting. And the finishing touch – a bold red lip – job done!


Amal Clooney in a gorgeous structured dress by Stella McCartney

Well who knew Colman’s mustard was such a striking colour? This simple dress could have looked a tad plain until you see the gorgeous twist to the back – Stella McCartney you are a genius. By keeping to one colour with matching accessories it gives the outfit a rich and dramatic feel. And let’s not forget George – the ultimate accessory for any outfit!

So, simple style lessons we should all remember:

  • Wear what makes you feel good

Enjoy what you wear and SMILE (sorry VB but what was that about?). These 3 women all looked happy and at ease in their outfits. Whatever your choice of outfit, you need to feel good in it, otherwise you’ll never look good in it.

  • Wear shoes you can walk in

I noticed so many women unable to walk properly in high-heels. I get it, the streets are cobbled and the world is watching but you don’t need sky-scrapper heels (especially if you’re not comfortable in them). Remember, block heels, kitten heels or simply lower stilettoes can all look amazing.

  • Relax and Don’t faff

Easier said than done – I know there were cameras everywhere but my goodness so many guests were seen adjusting hats, pulling down dresses, etc. This is the easiest way to ruin a fabulous look. Once you’re ready and you feel you’re looking the best you can, just relax, ‘own’ your outfit and enjoy – otherwise, what’s the point?

Now bring on the next wedding!

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.