My latest high-street crush….Anthropologie

My latest high-street crush….Anthropologie

Anthropologie, in my opinion, is like no other high-street store. If you have yet to pay it a visit, trust me you’re in for a real treat when you do. It’s a one-of-a-kind destination for something a little different – whether it’s clothing, accessories, gifts or home décor – it will fill you with inspiration. The brand’s buyers and designers pride themselves on travelling the world to uncover special products and collaborate with talented artists and boy can you tell. The result is a unique store that smacks of creativity with influences ranging from vintage to global. The downside of the store? You may well (as I did last week) aim to pop in for a small gift (a candle in my case) let’s just say, I emerged an hour later, with a lot more than a candle!

Here is a small selection of items I fell in love with, and in case it’s not obvious – my reasons why.

Why I love it. Because everyone needs a versatile dress in their wardrobe and this is the perfect choice. Wear for the office (with a blouse or shirt underneath); for evening with fabulous heels or as a waistcoat with jeans - job done.

Why I love it. This jumpsuit looks amazing worn casually but equally has a dramatic feel and is super-flattering due to its clever cut - a real statement piece for your wardrobe.

Why I love them. A silk cami is a fantastic wardrobe staple. Worn simply here with jeans (in a beautiful selection of colours) but also great for under a lace top or teamed with a cigarette trouser suit – either way the look is effortless and sexy.

Why I love them. Have you not seen the colour? Red shoes are a great neutral – wear with khaki, navy, denim, white, black, pink, tan – trust me they add a fabulous twist to any outfit.

Why I love them. We all need that ‘throw on’ jacket that adds a bit of interest to casual jeans but could also be worn over a pretty dress. Often this can be a leather or denim jacket – but sometimes it’s good to think outside the box.

Oh and I almost forgot…

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