My Christmas Message…Be More Elizabeth Taylor!

My Christmas Message…Be More Elizabeth Taylor!

Well…what a year? No one expected it, yet somehow, we managed to get this far. Whilst I regard myself as a hugely positive person it has been tough to maintain it, particularly when I see the huge loss people have experienced.

I know many of you won’t have the Christmas you planned, but I hope, whether you are dressed in a onesie or a ball gown (you know which I’d prefer!) you get to enjoy it. I also hope you know what a difference you make to my business.

To my loyal clients: You are the best. The support you have shown during this year has been incredible. When people ask me if I’ve ever styled someone I didn’t like, the answer is “no”. The reason being - you spread the word and great women tend to know great women – so thank you for helping me grow my business. I deeply appreciate it.

To my Style Post readers: Thank you for your comments and feedback which are always welcome. I have listened and I promise to give you more or what you need in the year ahead. Do please continue to pass on the Style Post to friends, colleagues, and family so they can subscribe and be part of the Maggie Killick Style community. They would be very welcome.

To those of you who purchased a gift card for Christmas, or a corsage (now sold out) from the MKS collection: congratulations on having great taste. My dream is to grow the collection and I cannot wait to share my new piece with you in 2021: the perfect white shirt. Well, it had to be done – and with great people behind me – it will be ready for you very soon.

Enjoy your Christmas break and I look forward to inspiring your style in the New Year. I have some great ideas planned for the business and it wouldn’t be the same without you beside me.

Maggie Killick