Maggie Recommends…Jo Malone’s latest collaboration with Zara

Maggie Recommends…Jo Malone’s latest collaboration with Zara

I have always admired Jo Malone CBE. I read her autobiography in a day and when I listen to her interviews, I find her inspirational, passionate, down-to-earth and humorous. Then there’s her brand. Who doesn’t love a stunning Jo Malone perfume or candle? They are the ultimate indulgent gift which is why we buy them on special occasions or for others rather than treating ourselves on a regular basis. Well now it has become a much more affordable option at £25.99.

Jo has collaborated with Zara to create 4 stunning new fragrances. She said of the collection, (inspired by raindrops and the various scents they take on) ‘The beauty of raindrops never fails to delight me, bringing new life and a new beginning.’ Amen to that.

Whether you love a light, floral fragrance or prefer a musky heavier scent, take your pick from:
Rose Petal Drops, Bergamot & Leather Spritz, Citrus Meze and Amber & Fig Cashmere. These are truly beautiful, affordable scents – obvious really when you look at the fabulous woman behind them.

They also come in a 10 ml size (£5.99) – perfect for trying all before deciding on your favourite – told you she was fabulous!

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