Maggie Recommends - ​The Tippi Crew Neck Jumper

Maggie Recommends - ​The Tippi Crew Neck Jumper

I own way too many jumpers. I’ve got oversized, fitted, roll-neck, v-neck, merino, cashmere – different styles for different looks. However, there is one style I multiple buy and that’s the Tippi crew neck from J Crew

When you see it displayed in store, it looks fairly ordinary but there is something about the cut, the super-flattering neckline and ¾ sleeve that make it a perfect style staple.I have the grey, black, navy and pink versions (and clearly need the red in my life!) and wear them endlessly with leather skirts, jeans, evening skirts and wide leg trousers. You name it – the Tippi works with it.It comes in a variety of colours and many are on sale through-out the year. So, if you’re looking for the perfect knit – or the perfect Christmas gift – there’s a colour to suit everyone.The sizing does come up big, so I’d recommend sizing down to get your perfect fit.

I should mention, I only ever promote clothing I love as opposed to working with brands on a commission basis.It would be useful to know how many of you purchase recommended items from the Style Post, so please do keep me informed – I’d love to know.

You’re very welcome