It’s wedding season…don’t panic, I’ve got you…

It’s wedding season…don’t panic, I’ve got you…

As a stylist I have spent many years dressing women for weddings. Whilst they all have great style generally, when it comes to a wedding outfit, they seem to struggle to find one that they love. The main reason for this, in my opinion, is they fail to stay true to their style and attempt to dress in a way they feel is “wedding appropriate” BIG MISTAKE. If dresses aren’t your thing – don’t feel you have to wear one to a wedding; if you feel awkward wearing a hat or fascinator – don’t; if wearing heels fills you with dread – find some beautiful flats. It’s simple really but we can all get caught up in what we feel we SHOULD wear. So, let’s clear up a few misconceptions about wedding dressing:

If girlie dresses are not for you – step away

Yes a ditzy, floral dress can be pretty and feminine for a wedding but it’s not for everyone. How about trying a bolder style, colour and/or pattern to add some drama.

If you feel silly in a hat or fascinator – don’t wear one

I love a big hat but I’m not a fascinator fan – that’s just me – and that’s the point.You have to feel comfortable in whatever headwear you choose. There are some gorgeous headbands or clips available on the high-street – why not try them as an alternative.Or, you may want to try an ‘updo’ to add some glamour without fuss.

If you love wearing black – wear it

Black or midnight blue is a stunning colour, whatever the occasion.If you feel it looks a tad “funerial” try polka-dots or adding bold accessories – they will elevate the simplest piece.

If a shrug or bolero leaves you cold (sorry couldn’t resist) – don’t wear one

They are the ultimate wedding cover up but they don’t have to be.Try a tailored suit jacket - always super cool especially over a pretty dress.Alternatively, opt for a trouser suit - chic and effortless, whatever the occasion.

I hope these ideas inspire you to think about your particular wedding style and gives you the confidence to wear what you feel fabulous in (as opposed to “appropriate” in) for a wedding.Play with styles, proportions and looks and you’ll realise there are so many options that can look amazing – whatever the wedding.If you need further help to find your perfect outfit please do get in touch – it’s what I do and I absolutely love it! Simply email

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.