Finding Your Personal Style – why now is the perfect time

Finding Your Personal Style – why now is the perfect time

When the shops re-opened last week were you desperate to buy something you could see and touch or have you revelled in the efficiency of on-line shopping? I have missed physically shopping with my clients. Nothing beats styling someone in an outfit, rearranging the tuck of a shirt, sizing up or down depending on how you want a piece to drape on the body. Many of my clients have been getting in touch to re-book a personal shopping service and I’m thrilled to be taking bookings for September/October. I’ve also received new enquiries from women who, since lock-down, have taken a good hard look at their wardrobes and are depressed by what they see! They want to find a healthy balance between comfort and style; between investment buying and fashion fixes; they want to re-discover their style, and they want it to be easy. Amen to that.

I believe there is no better time to do this. With holidays becoming ‘staycations’, with many people furloughed until later in the year, with many having more time on their hands - why not take the time for YOU. Take time to understand what you love to wear and why; how you want to look; what flatters you and above all, what will make you feel fantastic going forward.

Finding your Personal Style won’t just happen and that’s where I come in. I will be hosting one-to-one consultations on How to Find your Style either at the Allbright Mayfair (for those wanting to get back into London) or via Zoom if you prefer. These consultations are free for a limited time (throughout August). Simply click here if you are interested in finding out more.

I couldn’t end this Style Post without sharing my first purchase to say ‘Welcome Back’ to the High Street. I love the simple, easy shape of this shirt dress and I know it’ll put a smile on my face when I wear it. Find out what clothing does this for you – that’s when you know you’ve found your personal style.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.