Embracing Colour for Spring/Summer 2019

Embracing Colour for Spring/Summer 2019

As many of you know I’m a huge fan of black.Yes, I know it gets a bad press: too draining, too boring, too depressing but… it’s also incredibly chic, stylish and a great wardrobe staple.However, this season, I am keen to embrace more colour to see how it feels, to see if it really can empower, provide confidence, and make me feel joyful and uplifted.Care to join me…

Obviously we all have your own favourite colours we love to wear and that make us feel fabulous: neutrals, pastels, jewel colours etc.However, when it comes to colour combinations we can sometimes struggle to get it right.The great news is, this season, you’ll be spoilt for choice.Here are just 3 combinations to consider and to inspire you to create your own colourful looks for your individual style.

Orange/Red & Pink

Depending on which shade of red suits you (orange red or true red) combine it with bold or pastel pink for a gorgeous, joyful combination.Resist the urge to team orange or pink with black – whilst it will work it tends to look quite harsh and less stylish.

White & oatmeal & beige

The fashionistas call it “contemporary oatmeal” or “stony ground” but in the real world it’s all about different shades of beige!Beige can often be difficult to get right.Try mixing different tones together (and adding white) to create the most sleek and sophisticated look.

Multi Print & Print

Clashing prints were all over the catwalk this season.The beauty of this look is (as long as you love the colours) feel free to clash madly.The easiest way to wear this trend is with dresses as the combining of patterns and prints has been done for you.If the thought of clashing florals is too much, why not try combining stripes or polka-dots – it may surprise you!

I hope this Style Post encourages you to look at your own wardrobe and have a play with colour and pattern combinations.If you need help with this – it would be my pleasure.

Have a great week-end and feel free to share this post.