"Maggie, thank you for your enthusiasm and for genuinely wanting me to look great. It’s difficult to explain just how big a difference you have made. I feel like I’ve ‘started over’ with a look I never thought possible from a stylish new hair-cut to a gorgeous new wardrobe. I feel amazing."

Sarah, 45

"This was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had in years. It’s given me so much confidence and such insight into how to put outfits together. My friends think I look absolutely fabulous, and keep asking about my weight. I’ve stayed the same weight for years and yet they all think I’ve lost weight and have a great figure."

Suzanne, 41

This experience was, quite simply, amazing. I really wanted to be able to have total confidence in my appearance and have a wardrobe that actually worked for me. I now have a wardrobe of clothes that I know will work for me. Maggie’s aim is quite simply to make you look and feel good. And as a woman functioning in many ways and in many places I cannot emphasise enough what unbiased well-thought through advice about my appearance made to my self-confidence and internal belief system. The experience has given me courage in a way I thought would never happen – it’s not just about looking great, but it’s about looking sexy when I want to and looking business like when I need to. I went to visit a client of mine who almost didn’t recognize me. It doesn’t get better than that!

Dorinda, 50

Personal Shopping Day for Women

"Maggie really made me think about how professional I look at work. She helped me understand that dressing professionally doesn’t necessarily mean looking dull and boring. I wish I’d met Maggie years ago – I feel so much more confident."

Jane, 41

Maggie has changed my self-perception. I have greater self-esteem and feel far more positive and confident.

Simon, 39

Corporate Workshop

"Maggie was recommended to me and has been a great help. Since meeting her I’m much more confident with how I look."

Richard, 38

"Ok, to be honest when my wife bought me this I was concerned! I hate shopping and tend to wear the same thing - just in different colours. When I met Maggie she understood my concerns and really listened. I’d describe our time as focused, cost-effective and a lot of fun. I’d definitely book Maggie again."

Jonathan, 43

Personal Shopping Day for Men

"Maggie - I was honestly dreading the thought of you going through my wardrobe but it was such fun. Now I open my wardrobe and love what I have. - It’s a revelation."

Debbie, 41

"I have a much better idea of what flatters me and how to put looks together. After my wardrobe consultation I realised I had some great clothes - I just didn‘t know how to wear them.”

Annette, 33

Re-worked Wardrobe

"Wow, I never imagined I could look so stunning. I was amazed at Maggie’s preparation beforehand, her knowledge of retailers and contacts, not to mention her incredibly good taste. I would never have come across the dress she found me for the most important day of my life"

Alice, 36

Maggie was amazing. I felt (and looked) wonderful. Maggie is not only stylish and knowledgeable but most importantly inspiring. She listened to my concerns and ideas, improved them in such a subtle and thoughtful way. I highly recommend Maggie and know we will always keep in touch.

Sarah, 32

Bridal Service